Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Common Questions About The Taste Of Cloud

The Taste Of Cloud is a parent brand of multi online Restaurants. The Taste Of Cloud has 5 multi-cuisine brands under it. All 5 Brands are Cloud Restaurants, Which run on FOCO Model.

Chinese Brands










YES, The Taste Of Cloud provides franchises of these brands. One Brand at one location is called 1 Unit and 1 unit Franchise cost starts from 2.6Lakh rupees + 18% GST.

• Choose the Brand and location.

• Call / Mail to our Brand Experts.

• Pay – Online / Cheque / DD

• Sign the Agreement within 24 – 48 hours.

The cost to buy a Unit Franchise starts from 2.6L + 18% GST (Two lakhs sixty thousand only + 18% GST) + 6 Months Free Marketing for the first 6 months after 6 months charges of 50k for marketing.

Yes, As the competition is higher in the cloud kitchen space, marketing (zomato / swiggy) is important to get the visibility of the restaurant.

This is a FOCO Model franchise kitchen i.e. Franchise Owned Company Operated. From setting up the kitchen to hiring the staff and buying Operated. From setting up the kitchen to hiring the staff and buying equipment, everything is done by the company. The company also manages the monthly expenses of the kitchen i.e. paying rentals, paying salaries, and all other expenses. 

The franchise gets 20% of the GROSS SALES of the business done by the Brand taken by the franchise.


The term period of the franchise is of 3 years. The franchise can be renewed for the next 3 years after paying 30% of the franchise fee.

We are available in Delhi, Gurugram, and Jaipur. But since this is a FOCO Model so franchises have no involvement in the operations so anybody from anywhere in the world can take the franchise in Delhi, Gurugram, and Jaipur.

11 – 14* Months approx (Depends on the marketing & positioning)

Yes, in this Model there are no involvements in the operations. So you can monitor it from a different state or from a different country also.

Since this is an online restaurant, the sales are via online delivery portals like Zomato & Swiggy. We will give the admin ID & Password of the platform to the franchise to keep a check.

The agreement can be signed online. We will send the agreement online and you can scan & print the agreement & sign it.

No, you can take the franchise on the individual Name.

We can collaborate on the Master Franchise model. Mail us for further details on Master Franchise Model.

The approximate sales varies from 40k – 1lac Rs. per month for the first 3–10* months* (Depends on Marketing & Positioning)

The restaurant franchise cannot be returned but it can be transferred.

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