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food franchise business in India

As the demand for food delivery continues to soar, cloud kitchens are becoming a popular option for opening a best low investment foco model franchise business.


The global COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns imposed by most nations led to restaurants being closed off. However, even during the lockdowns, food delivery continued in full swing.


While online food delivery and the cloud kitchen business were steadily gaining popularity even before COVID-19, their relevance has skyrocketed in the current situation. The cloud kitchen business model is now seen as the best way to survive the pandemic and keep the business afloat.

Why choose us?

Low Investment

Our franchise Investment amount starts at 2.6 Lakhs. so you don't need a large investment to start your own franchise.

High Returns

Here you get more benefits with a small investment and can expect ROI in 12 - 15 months

6 Months free marketing

We give free marketing for 6 months on Zomato and Swiggy.

0 Monthly expense

Our business is based on a cloud kitchen Foco franchise. So you Don't need to pay any extra amount.

great opportunity with low investment

If you have got a unique idea and are looking for a lesser expensive way to enter the market, cloud kitchens serve the exact purpose. They require low investment as compared to a full-fledged restaurant but give you full opportunity to reach a large pool of customers.

Once you find your own franchise

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Better expansion opportunities

The best thing about cloud kitchens is that you don’t need heavy investments to begin. You can start small but expand fast. Once
you build a brand and get loyal customers, expanding to new localities and even new menu variety gets easier.